Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holt International: Sponsor a Child

Holt International has created families through international adoption for over fifty years.  Besides providing outstanding adoption services to children from may countries, Holt is a global leader in providing advocacy and services to needy children still living in orphanages across the world, including in China.  

One of Holt's valuable services is that of sponsoring a child desperately in need of services. For $30 a month, you can provide food, shelter clothing and additional care to children who are orphaned or abandonned in China.

Granny Program

In China, Spence-Chapin provides a "Granny Program," through which experienced women from the community spend special, one-to-one time with orphanage children.  Your support will help pay the $1000/year stipend which enables these caretakers to enrich the lives of these needy young people.

Spence-Chapin Organization

The Spence-Chapin Organization has provided international adoption services for over thirty years and places children from countries throughout Asia Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.  Additionally, Spence-Chapin offers hope for homeless children needing care all over the world.

Sunbeam Villages

In China, the Alliance for Children Foundation has started Sunbeam Villages to help children with special needs by offering them a small group living situation outside an institution.  

These villages have been highly successful and have given children additional care and skills, enabling them to be adopted.  Your donation helps support these much-needed alternatives to traditional orphanage care.

Alliance for Children Foundation

The Alliance for Children Foundation is a Masssachusetts-based organziation, dedicated to improving the lives of forgotten children in institutions all over the world.  It was established in 2000, through its sister adoption organization, Alliance for Children.  Today the foundation supports projects in basic needs, medical care, and resources for children less likely to be adopted because of age or special needs.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

AIDs Orphans in China

One problem that leaves hundreds of thousands of children orphaned in China is the AIDs epidemic.  This disease spreads by parents selling blood in order to get money for their family, especially in rural areas.  The video below shows the trailer for the movie "The Blood of the Yingzhou District," a documentary that follows a year of the life of children in a village in China affected by the virus.


Love Without Boundaries: Education

One of the ways Love Without Boundaries allows people to support orphans is through their many educational programs.  You can sponsor a child and put them through school ($20/month), or you can donate directly to their schools. 

Love Without Boundaries has two schools- Believe in Me and the Sunflower Project. 

 A Believe in Me classroom

The Believe in Me schools are located in orphanages in six different locations in China, and aim to support children with special needs who are unable to go to regular public school.  

The Sunflower Project aims to give aid to families living in poverty and helps children from those families to receive an adequate education.  By giving children personal support and education, this project ultimately tries to empower children to improve not only their own lives but their community as well.